rungwa game safaris


Rungwa Game Safaris was established in 2000
with an ethos of ethical hunting, conservation, and tradition.

Rungwa Game Safaris

Harpreet was born and raised in east Africa and, at age 16, shot his first Cape buffalo in Maasailand. After earning his PH license in 1997, he worked for other outfitters and then established his own operation, Rungwa Game Safaris, in 1999.

Shaped by a passion for wildlife, wild landscapes, and conservation, Harpreet Brar aspired to a life as a professional hunter.

Professional associations:

  • Board Member Tanzania Hunting Operators Assoc.

  • Board Member Tanzania Professional Hunters Assoc.

  • Life Member Tanzania Professional Hunters Assoc.

  • Life Member Safari Club Int’l

  • Life Member & Corporate Sponsor Dallas Safari Club

  • Life Member NRA

Through responsible tourism practices, community engagement, and wildlife protection initiatives, we strive to leave a positive and lasting impact on the areas under our stewardship.

harpreet brar, Founder

Our mission

... is to inspire and facilitate transformative experiences that connect individuals with the wonders of the natural world.

Through meticulously crafted adventures, we foster a profound appreciation for biodiversity and promote sustainable practices that ensure the perpetuity of last remaining wildernesses.

Join us in a journey where every moment contributes to the preservation of our planet's beauty for the enrichment of present and future generations.

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proudly affiliatEd to
Safari Club InternationalDSC Foundation’Conservation Force, a force for wildlife conservation 
African Professional Hunters AssociationInternational professional hunters association 
Tanzania Hunting Operators Association