Firearms information and regulations

  • If you will be hunting dangerous game the minimum
    permitted caliber is .375 (9.3 mm)
  • 3 rifles per hunter and 100 rounds per rifle may be imported into the country. We will arrange for import/export as required. Well in advance of your departure we must receive serial numbers, caliber and gun manufacturer details as well as ammunition quantities.

Choice of firearms, caliber and bullets has always been an object of discussion. That aside, it is a universal truth that an effective kill is based on 95% shooting abilities and 5% on the choice of bullet and caliber. We therefore recommend that you bring your own firearm that you are used to.

Airlines require that firearms and ammunition be checked. Firearms should be securely cased and unloaded, with ammunition in a separate container. You must advise the commercial airline that you are traveling with firearms and ammunition.

Each airline has strict and individual restrictions as to weight and packaging, please make sure that you check with the airline as to their requirements upon booking.

Tanzanian law strictly prohibits hunting with automatic weapons and handguns.