Hunting a lion in Tanzania with Rungwa Safaris. Hunt the big five and experience the beauty of nature in Africas jewel.
View the latest throphy pictures in our Gallary. Hunting with Rungwasafaris. Lion, Elephant, Buffalo, Kudu, Crocodile, Leopard, Hippo, Wildebeest Nyassa, Bushpig, Reedbuck

Rungwa Game Safaris offers you the finest big game hunting grounds in the world, where nature feels unexplored, unvisited, like walking the tracks of the explorers before us. It is the fusion of man and nature that is an unforgettable experience. See Africa as few people do, a continuous visual feast that will stay in your memory forever... It is the Africa of your wildest dreams..

Tanzania has one of the best hunting grounds in Africa. View our areas and plan your next hunting safari in Tanzania with us.
View our Antipoaching activities and CommunityDevelopment programs. Rungwasafaris helps in areas that lack infrastructure and development.