What we have already achieved

Rungwa Game Safaris has an intensive community development program.The provision of school supplies, building materials, medical supplies and water wells to the people who live in the communities surrounding our hunting areas, to name just a few.

Rungwa Game Safaris helps to build schools.....
Donates sporting and educational equipment....
Provides clean and safe water..................
food donations

Water - The Lifeline

Water is a necessity that sadly, is in short supply for many people worldwide. 80% of comunicable diseases that affect rural communities are transmitted through contaminated water.

In 2003 Rungwa Game Safaris received
a water-drilling rig. We have
trained a team to operate this equipment, which is portable and therefore can be transported into remote areas where water wells are badly needed
Rungwa Game Safaris has with the trained crew already drilled several water wells in some very remote areas, where previously there were no wells at all

Community Development

In 2003 Rungwa Game Safaris/ Miombo Safaris donated 5.4 million Tanzanian Shillings worth of sulphur to villages in the Lukwika/Lumesule area to assist villagers in combating disease in their cashew nut trees.
Sulphur being loaded onto Rungwa Game Safaris / Miombo Safaris truck ready to be transported to villages in remote areas.
Villagers receiving bags of sulphur from Rungwa Game Safaris / Miombo Safaris in the Lukwika/Lumesule area
Excited villagers crowd around a Rungwa Game Safaris / Miombo truck whilst sulphur is off-loaded at one of the warehouses. The sulphur is then distributed to villages in the surrounding area.