Hunting Areas in Tanzania

The wilderness of Africa has long captured the imagination of explorers and hunters alike. Many have traveled in search of the wild and exotic creatures that inhabit these lands. Today, few places remain truly wild, yet many can be found here in Tanzania. An immensely diverse country, where millions of animals roam free and wild, Tanzania boasts terrain that ranges from the snow cap of Mount Kilimanjaro, through rolling grassy plains to the palm fringed beaches and islands of the Indian Ocean.

Tanzania is one of the choice destinations where sport hunters venture in search of the adrenaline filled hunt, the quality trophy and the adventure of a life time. With over 40 species to hunt in spectacular wilderness areas, the big game hunting in Tanzania is some of the finest that Africa has to offer.

Rungwa game Safaris welcomes you to this magnificent country.

Craig Boddington in Tanzania with Rungwa Game Safaris

"There is a lot of great hunting in Africa today, perhaps more than when I started hunting in Africa 30 years ago. For the dangerous game, and also for the greatest variety of game, Tanzania is arguably the best modern safari destination, but there can be no argument that, among countries open to hunting today, Tanzania has the longest history, truly the birthplace of safari as we know it.

An important difference with Rungwa Game Safaris is that their entire staff, as well as their PH’s, are aware of this proud heritage and strive to preserve it.

Rungwa Game Safaris provides a uniquely traditional safari, a refreshing step back in time, all the while offering quality hunting in prime concessions that are truly cared for. In Rungwa Game Safari’s areas, effective anti-poaching and management of sensible game quotas combine to produce fine trophies and, above all, a top quality safari experience."

Craig Boddington, Executive Field Editor, Primedia Outdoor Group